5 Easy Ways You Can Rock Wearing Ankle Boots


Ankle boots are one of the trickiest pieces of clothing to wear and for a number of reasons. It can look clunky, over-sized, even create the illusion of fat ankles! But, when you get to wear a pair the right way? They’re incredible! Absolutely incredible!

You’ve seen how ankle boots have been all over social media, right? They just look so chic and stylish! But when you put them on, you might have wondered why they don’t give the same appeal on you.

Well, that’s about to change! We’ll let you in on a couple of tricks and tips so you easily incorporate ankle boots in your wardrobe too!

  1. Tuck them in.
    Want a long leg line? Tuck in the hem of your pants into your ankle boots. For a no-effort yet chic look, try doing this with a pair of leggings. This might even become one of your favorite outfits!
  2. Roll the hem of your pants.
    Do a double cuff on your skinny jeans! This will enable you to show just the right amount of skin that will keep your ankles from looking wide.
  3. Make half a cuff.
    Not a fan of folding the hem of your pants all the way up? Try rolling just a tiny part of it at the back (or experiment with different angles!). This may be an effortless look, but it’s a perfect vibe for when you want to wear an over-sized shirt to a casual day out with friends.
  4. Layer on socks to leggings.
    Winter is coming soon and if you want to put on a cozy outfit, this is a look you absolutely have to try. You can slip on socks over leggings or jeggings, but be sure to use a neutral shade. This will avoid calling too much attention to your ankles and give you a more solid look.
  5. Go monochromatic.
    Have you always wished to appear taller? Then pair up tights and boots in a similar shade! You can even give your outfit an added pop by donning on a pencil skirt of the same shade to make a sleek line that just makes you a lot taller.

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