6 Types of Shoes You Must Have in Your Closet

6 Types of Shoes You Must Have in Your Closet

An outfit is never complete without the right footwear.
How many times have you been caught on an occasion where you already have the perfect outfit to wear, yet you don’t have the right shoes to go with it? Well, with these shoes in your collection, you don’t have to worry about what to wear for your next OOTD (outfit of the day):

  1. Flat Sandals

    Flats are great and comfortable to wear especially during summer.
    They look good with floral dresses, jeans, shorts, and miniskirts.

    Flat sandals offer a carefree look and a great amount of comfort too.
    You can walk around in them all day without having to worry about sore feet!

  2. Ballet Flats

    These types of shoes offer a daintier appeal without compromising movement. They look formal and look great even in casual wear. You can put them together with jeans, pencil skirts, or even with your office wear.

    Ballet flats also come in all kinds of colors and textures that can perfectly match with your Sunday dress! You can wear them out on family events too.

  3. Pumps

    If you want to add more “oomph!” to your outfit, this is something you should wear. Pumps are highly versatile pieces. You can match them with evening dresses, office wear, party clothes, or with something you might wear to the coffee shop.

    All you need to do is match the color of your shoes with the accent pieces of your clothes and you’re good to go!

  4. Wedged Heels

    Go to a brunch meeting with something classier than flat sandals, wedged heels are the upgrade you need. They look great with dresses and pants too.

    You can mix them up with some of your business-casual attires, cocktail dresses or when you just feel like adding a couple more inches to your height!

  5. Boots

    Rugged, yet classy. That’s the kind of appeal boots tend to give. They offer functionality and protection without missing a beat when it comes to high fashion. They are a must when it comes to every woman’s shoe collection.

    Besides, they keep your legs and feet warm during the winter season!

  6. Sneakers

    For the days when you really just have a lot of errands to run or when you just don’t really feel like dressing up, this is a good choice of footwear. It’s practical, convenient, and looks nice when put together with jeans and a shirt.

So, do you have these of shoes in your wardrobe?

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