7 Shoes Every Woman Needs to Have in Her Closet

7 Shoes Every Woman Needs to Have in Her Closet

Admit it. You love shopping for shoes. We do too! But as much as we’d love you to shop till you drop, the key to building the perfect wardrobe is to stick to basics. Although colors and shapes change from season to season, these classic shoes will never go out of style. You can stick to the bare essentials and still be in fashion.

To make your hunt for shoes more manageable, we’ve rounded up a list containing the essentials.

  1. White Sneakers.
    This is the ultimate dressing down shoe. Not only is it comfortable but it goes seamlessly with any outfits. It is basically a no-brainer.
  2. Black Boots.
    Whether it is knee-high boot or an over-the-knee one, a sleek black leather boots is a must-have. With a not so high heel, this shoes will take you to places!
  3. Ballet flats
    Heels look classy for sure. Not to mention it boosts your confidence and makes you feel like a vixen. But when it comes to getting you through the day, ballet flats are the best option.
  4. Black Pumps
    Whether it is a regular day in the office or a night out, a pair of black pumps can make a simple outfit look sophisticated. (And FYI, the higher the arch, the sexier.)
  5. Nude Peep Toes
    Nude peep toes are as essential as black pumps. Not only is it classy and sexy, in time you want to spice up your monochrome outfit, this is the perfect pair!
  6. Loafers
    This is perfect for days when you are too lazy to wear heels but still want to look the part of the lady in charge.
  7. Brown Thong Sandal
    This is perfect for the summer. Not only is it low key, you can wear in and out of the beach. Plus, it earns you style points! It is stylish and effortless, a total must-have.

The next time you shop, make sure to grab a pair of these essentials. Check out shoe boutique online in Dallas, Texas. Browse through our gallery and find the perfect pair within your budget. For ladies shoes online in Texas, go to The Divas Soles. Get your toes ready for some new footwear!

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