Alternative Office Shoes That Still Add Height


A sleek office outfit will not be complete without the right footwear. However, more often than not, the best shoes to match our get-up and achieve that sophisticated office look is not always comfortable.

Wearing high heels all the time can strain our spine and affect our general posture. Our weight gets pushed down to the balls of our feet as we stand and balance on that slim and pointy heel, creating pressure. Back pain, calf muscle pain, and ball-of-the-foot pain are just some of the conditions that high heels give its wearer.

You don’t always have to sacrifice comfort for style, though. Use different kinds of shoes every day. That way, you not only give your body a rest, but you also let your shoes breathe and dry out from the absorbed sweat.

So, shake things up with these 3 shoe alternatives and give your trusty office pumps a break. From our footwear online in Texas, trust us, these shoes provide better comfort and stability with the same height you need!

  • Wedge Heels

    These closed shoes have heels that provide a fuller base with better weight support compared to your pumps. For busy workdays ahead, you will need a comfortable and sturdy pair of footwear. These closed shoes are one of the three great alternatives we suggest you switch your usual office footwear with.

  • Chunky Heels

    These types of shoes usually have square heels that are much wider than most heels. Having wide bases offers better comfort and stability with the same height advantage you need for a pair of office heels.

  • Spool Heels

    The height of these heels may not be as high as the usual pair of high heels, but spool heels are thicker on the heel of the foot. These have a narrow middle that comes back out at the tip of the heel, making it more stable compared to a shoe with a very slim heel.

We love shoes! Our shoe boutique online in Dallas Texas has a collection of trendy and affordable shoes and accessories to choose from to get the fashionista in you going.

For fashionably chic footwear, message us at The Divas Soles. With the right footwear, you can conquer the world one step at a time.

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