Beware of These Habits That Ruin Your Shoes


You want all your shoes to last a long time (especially the ones that have an expensive price tag), right?

However, it sometimes can’t be helped for them to wear down all too quickly. Could it be there’s something that you’re doing that is leading them to get damaged?

The Divas Soles has listed down a couple of bad shoe habits you should break:

  • Wearing the same pair all the time.
    We all have that one favorite pair, but putting them on daily will speed up their wear and tear. Try switching out the shoes you wear every couple of days to avoid heavy damage. In case you need a new pair, you can get them in our shoe boutique online in Texas!
  • Dragging the feet while walking.
    Without a doubt, doing this will easily thin out the soles of your shoes. If you’re not careful, it might even break off your heels! Fixing your walking posture will not only save your footwear from damage but it will improve your appearance too.
  • Wearing the shoes when your feet are still damp.
    This habit will not only induce the growth of bacteria and mold inside your shoes, but it will cause your footwear to stink as well! Be sure to always pat your feet dry to prevent that from happening.
  • Forgetting the regular maintenance of your shoes.
    Everyday use builds grime and dust that will eventually ruin your footwear. But, if you take a quick minute every other day to clean and polish your shoes (as needed), they can end up lasting longer.

Don’t worry; it’s not too late to change your habits.

However, if in the meantime you find that your old shoes are a bit worn out, you can get yourself a new pair of ladies footwear online in Dallas, Texas from us!

Browse through our catalog for an easy shopping experience. We have different styles, colors, and sizes of shoes available, so you can easily pick a pair out either for yourself, a relative, or a friend!

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