Did You Know That Your Footwear Says a Lot About You?


While it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the clothes we wear still tend to influence how others perceive us as a person. And yes, that would include the type of shoes we put on every day, too.

So, on closer inspection, what kind of footwear do you like to wear often?

  • Expensive
    Who doesn’t like wearing a bit of glamour on their feet? If you’re the type to put on some pricey footwear then it shows that you earn quite a hefty paycheck (or that you like to save up for quality products). Also, being fond of expensive shoes shows that you like to keep updated with the latest trends on the market. Perhaps, you might even be the trendsetter in your group of friends!
  • Flashy
    Are you fond of eye-catching pieces for your footwear? Then that signifies that you’re most likely an extrovert. As an outgoing person, you surely could testify that wearing a bright pair of shoes makes for a good conversation starter. At times, it might just even help break the ice with some new people you meet!
  • Practical
    If you prefer putting on no-nonsense footwear on, then that exactly reflects the kind of person that you are. Individuals who like practical looking shoes or ones who pick the experience of comfort over style when choosing footwear have been deemed to be quite agreeable and pragmatic. It signifies that you prefer to get things done and on point, without having to waste extra effort for it.
  • Old but well-maintained
    Do you have a habit of repeatedly wearing the same pair of shoes you have back in the day? Well, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. It simply implies that you are a bit sentimental and that you value items in your possession more than you let on. It also suggests that you tend to know exactly what you want since you don’t easily give into fads.

Did the descriptions hold true for you? Remember, these are just generalizations. If they don’t exactly apply to you, then you just might be a unique case. But you have to admit, that was an interesting read. Why not share this article with a friend or loved one and discuss the things you have learned with them? Who knows, you might even be able to use this as a guide for getting to know people better.

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