Essential Tips to Walk Gracefully in Heels

Essential Tips to Walk Gracefully in Heels

Heels are the perfect addition to just about any outfit; however, wearing them can come at a price. It is not just about pain and blisters; even walking in them can be a challenge.

The Divas Soles, a reliable supplier of ladies footwear online in Dallas, Texas, offers a few tips to help you walk gracefully in heels.

  • Step from Heel to Toe
    When you walk in heels, it is best to maintain your natural step. We typically walk in flat shoes by placing our weight from heel to toe. When walking in heels, use that same approach: roll the weight of your foot from the heel, through the arch, and then to the toes.
  • Improve Your Posture
    Wearing heeled shoes can shift your center of gravity, and if you don’t maintain good posture, your lower back arches to compensate for it. To improve your posture and help you walk gracefully in heels, put your shoulders back and down while keeping your arms relaxed at your sides. Also, imagine that there is an invisible string holding your head upright. Your chin should be parallel with the floor and your head should be in line with your spine. When walking in heels, avoid looking down.
  • Break In Your Heels
    If you don’t break in your heels before wearing them for the first time, you may end up with blisters. You may also feel uncomfortable and it may end up affecting your balance. Breaking in your heels is crucial as it removes the stiffness from the shoes and molds them to the shape of your feet. It can also help you feel more comfortable with your shoes.


Walking in heels does not have to be difficult – simply follow these tips and you will be walking with grace everywhere you go!

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