Things to Consider When Matching Shoes with an Outfit


How much time do you spend on picking out shoes to match your clothes?

A couple of seconds? Some minutes? Maybe a little less than an hour? If you’ve got your look all figured out, then choosing the right kind of shoes would be easy for you. However, if you need a bit of help in the fashion department, this article might just save you from the embarrassment of a bad outfit.

You might be thinking, “Are shoes really that important?”. Yes, they are. And not just in a functional sense either.
You see, shoes are an essential portion of your whole attire. Believe it or not, the shoes you wear have the power to either break your entire ensemble or make it come together.
Keep these things in mind when selecting a pair of shoes:

  • Clothes

    What will you be wearing? Pay attention to the fabric, texture, and level of detail you have on your clothes. Match them up with shoes which have a similar definition to complete your outfit.

  • Color

    Do you want to wear your red pumps but you don’t have anything red on your dress? Don’t worry! Put on some red accessories to keep your attire together. Glam it up with some red lipstick and you are good to go.

  • Style

    Formal? Casual? What kind of look are you going for? If you want to slay in a summer dress, pick out nice sandals to go with it. If you want to rock the night at the club, put on a pair of stilettos or boots! What kind of vibe are you going for? Make sure you think of that the next time you choose your shoes.

  • Occasion

    Where are you headed? Formal events often call for closed and heeled footwear. Daintily jeweled heels look great when matched with an evening gown too. But if you’re going out on a casual date with a group of friends, then you’re pretty much free to wear whatever you want.

  • Comfort

    Shoes that don’t fit right will not only be a pain to wear, but they can also negatively affect your poise and confidence level. Be sure to make note of the season too! You wouldn’t want your toes to get soaked in the rain or freeze off during the winter, right? Always wear shoes that you’re comfortable with both physically and personality-wise.

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