Tips on Cleaning Different Types of Shoes

Tips on Cleaning Different Types of Shoes

Do your shoes look dull? Then perhaps they’re long overdue for a bit of cleaning. The Divas Soles has prepared a couple of suggestions you can use! With it, you can make your shoes look fabulous again.

So, what type of shoes do you need to be revamped?

  • Leather shoes

    This part is fairly easy. For leather shoes, all you will need is to make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Next, pour it over the stains and debris. After that, you can wipe the area dry with a soft cloth. You can then buff out your shoes once they have dried for a better finish.

  • Patent leather shoes

    Have you noticed a couple of unsightly marks on your shoes as of late? If so, then reach for some petroleum jelly in your medicine cabinet. Apply a small amount with a cotton swab to remove the stain.

    However, if your shoes only need a bit of shine, you can try another method. Instead of using petroleum jelly, spritz on a bit of glass cleaner. This will give your heels a shin that will make it look brand new.

  • Canvas shoes

    It’s fairly easy to buy casual footwear online. However, if you find a pair you love and don’t want to toss out, things can be difficult.

    Well, not anymore. Make your canvas shoes look like new by wiping the dirt off with a clean toothbrush. Next, prepare a paste made of equal parts water and baking soda. Apply the paste on the sole of your shoes. After that, you can wash them on a gentle cycle with cold water.

    Don’t forget to add in half the amount of detergent you need for a full wash and a deeper clean. Let the shoes air dry to prevent it from shrinking.

In case your shoes need a little more than just cleaning, reach out to us. You can buy ladies footwear online in Dallas, Texas at our website while you get your old pair replaced.

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